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Control Techniques

Emerson Industrial Automation | Delivering Global Manufacturing Innovation 

Commander SK and Unidrive SP families

In today's global economy, manufacturers are faced with intense pressure to improve their operations. With increasing competition and the challenge to produce better, faster and cheaper, businesses of all sizes are searching for partners who understand these demands and have the technology and expertise to deliver. Time and again they turn to Emerson Industrial Automation. With our world-class brands, deep category expertise, broad industry experience, and extensive global presence, Emerson Industrial Automation is uniquely positioned to deliver solutions to the ever-changing industrial manufacturing environment.

 Variable Speed Motor Controls

Our simple, flexible product lines make choosing the right drive very easy. For more demanding solutions our application engineers, located within our Drive Center network, are available to discuss your needs and provide advice. Variable frequency ac inverter drives are an excellent choice for adjustable-speed drive users because they allow you to fine-tune processes while reducing costs for energy and equipment maintenance.

Drive Families

Our variable frequency drive (electronic controllers) adjust the speed (adjustable speed drives, variable speed drives, variable frequency drives) of electric motors by modulating the power being delivered. Control Techniques variable frequency drives provide continuous control, matching motor speed to the specific demands of the work being performed.

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