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Series 7000

Emerson Power Transmission now offers you a complete interchange solution for SEWEurodrive* and other European style modular, in-line helical gear drives. 

Introducing the Browning® Series 3000 — a full line of enclosed gearmotors and speed reducers, designed with a broad range of standard input configurations to adapt to most in-line, helical applications. Series 3000 empowers you to choose gearmotor and reducer products, based on ease of selection and ease of use. Series 3000 utilizes the same motors available on all modular gearmotors from Emerson Power Transmission. This includes the industry’s widest variety of gearmotor enclosures and types, including Corro-Duty® Cast Iron, explosionproof, inverter duty (NEMA MG1, part 31 compliant), premium efficiency and more.

In addition, the Series 3000 is assembled-to-order for ready availability in a multitude of arrangements.

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