Universal Rewind (1975) Ltd – Electric Motor Sales and Services, since 1975

In the beginning…

Since 1975, Universal Rewind has been a family-run Electric Motor Sales & Repair business. Lowell Beaton first opened the store, and back then, we only offered repairs for small armatures.

In the 80s, Lowell leveled up the business, offering a wider array of repair and rewind services, which quickly increased the demand for new motors and electric motor repair services.

We had become a reliable supplier of high-quality motors from reputable brands, so we had to expand our storage and shop space. In 2000, we relocated to an 18,000-square-foot facility – an address we still have today. The market kept growing and we continued to grow, which meant another upgrade was needed. We are now boasting a 20,000-square-foot shop/warehouse to serve our customers even better.

It was a bold move back then, but it’s paid off in spades – for us and our customers. This space gives us the capacity to stock more motors and repair larger and larger motors. Since this move, we have also added a 5T crane and expanded our shop service offering to include custom motor modifications. Early in 2024, we are upgrading our shop to include a 10T crane – this will allow us to work on motors up to 2000HP. We look forward to servicing more industries and companies with this upgrade!

Present Day …

Chris and Rob Beaton are leading the charge now, their knowledge of electric motors, and the industry in general, is invaluable. Though our logo has changed and our team has grown, we remain dedicated to evolving and growing as our customers’ needs do. We are consistently bringing on more brands and expanding relationships with current manufacturers to bring a better experience to each of our customers.

Thanks to the advances in technology, we’ve gained considerable expertise in motors and their usage across various industries. And thanks to our incredible partnerships with various motor manufacturers we have access to motors of virtually all sizes.

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Who we work with…

Western Canada boasts a diverse range of industries, encompassing Aggregates, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, OEM Manufacturing, and more. At Universal Rewind, we have been actively involved with these industries and remain committed to supporting them. Our services cater to their needs, whether it’s producing rock products for road construction, a variety of food products, providing heat and equipment or striving to enhance energy efficiency and production volume.

Family-owned and managed since 1975!

At Universal Rewind, we deeply appreciate and value every customer who has been a part of our journey and has entrusted us to support their needs throughout the years. We are thrilled to continue nurturing existing relationships and forging new ones as we move forward.

One of our main objectives is to minimize equipment downtime or prevent it altogether, making it a primary focus when collaborating with maintenance managers and purchasing managers. We understand the critical role equipment plays in these industries and aim to ensure smooth operations and increased productivity for our valued partners.

Choose Experience. Choose Expertise. Choose Quality.

Choose Universal Rewind.

What we do…

We repair, service, modify, and rewind Industrial Motors up to 2000HP. We are also an authorized dealer for many of the most trusted motor Brands in North America. We sell Baldor, TECO, Lesson, Nidec, US Motors, and Marathon motors to various industries in Alberta that are essential to the way we live. From aggregate producers that are integral to our infrastructure, food processing plants, and transportation companies that work to ensure we have food on our tables.

Additionally, we sell Starters, VFDs, Gear Reducers, and Replacement parts for our products.

Our shop/Warehouse

40,000 square feet of shop and warehouse space means we can stock the most common motors for your business. Additionally, our shop has a 5T crane, mod bay, paint booth, rewind bay, and machine shop.

Whatever your needs are, we can handle it!

Motor Rewind services

It’s in our name, we Rewind Electric Motors to extend their life. This saves you money and prevents motors from hitting the junkyard prematurely. Keep in mind that not all motors are salvageable, or not economically for our customers at least. This is where our stock of NEW Motors comes in.


Motors, like anything else, need to be maintained and serviced. Not every operation has the team or the expertise to perform these duties – this is where our team can help. Our shop and our techs are equipped to provide general maintenance or full-service repairs for your motors.

Our team of techs Training and education are our foundation. Not only do our repair techs and shop foreman go through years of training and schooling to get to this point, but like any other professional trade, they have hundreds of hours of experience working in the shop.

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Our mod bay is made up of techs, journeymen, and apprentices and overseen by our shop foreman. At any time you could find 10-15 motors being modified in this bay.

Read more about Modification

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Universal Rewind continues to be a market leader, delivering customers with high-quality goods and services at competitive prices. We are proud of our background and our promise to offer the best customer service.

Whether you need a new product, like a motor, gear motor/gear reducer, soft starter, VFD, or even require a repair, service, rewind, modification, or certification of an existing motor, we’d love to be given the opportunity to work with you.

Our decades of expertise and dedication to customer service make us the ideal choice for your motor-related needs. As a family-owned and operated business, we strive to make each customer happy and provide the best customer service, fair pricing, and high-quality products.

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