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We offer an expansive selection of electric motors that are used in many industrial applications in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Northern BC. As experts in motor repair, we have a deep understanding of why motors fail, which allows us to recommend the most appropriate new motor for your industry and application. We serve a variety of industries from Aggregate/Mining, Construction, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Food Processing sectors. Our focus is serving many of the industrial sectors of Western Canada.

There are many types of Electric motors, it can get confusing with the different terminology used. There are things like RPM, Horsepower, Enclosure type, Frame, Volts, Phase, etc. If you are familiar with motors you will undoubtedly be comfortable with these terms. When you are not familiar, it can be a little more intimidating.

We carry a wide range of motors, from fractional HP motors to large 1000HP motors, and everything in between. 110 Volts to 575 Volts; Single Phase and Three Phase; AC Motors and DC Motors. If you need an electric motor for an Industrial application, chances are we can help you.

Induction Motors

Robust and efficient, induction motors are widely used in industrial and commercial settings. These come as a wound type or squirrel cage. A three-phase squirrel cage is commonly used in Industrial applications as they are increasingly installed with VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives) They’re easy to maintain and cost-effective, too.


Crusher Duty Motors

These are designed to provide quick and reliable braking power, making them ideal for cranes, elevators, and conveyors.

We carry Baldor, Marathon, TECO, and Worldwide Crusher Duty Motors.


Oilwell Motors

These are designed to provide quick and reliable braking power, making them ideal for cranes, elevators, and conveyors.

We carry Baldor, Marathon, TECO, and Worldwide Crusher Duty Motors. WEG and TECO offer Triple-Rated motors, meaning there are 3 HP capabilities within 1 motor.


Pump Motors

We carry a range of pump motors, from Vertical Motors, Hydraulic Pump Motors, Submersible Pump Motors, and Close Coupled Pump Motors.

These motors are available from Baldor, Brook Crompton, WEG, Nidec, Leeson, and Max Motion.


Washdown Motors

Washdown motors are used commonly in aggregate applications where a facility is washing crushed rock or silicate products. These are also essential for use in food production facilities where harsh chemicals are used to sanitize the entire production floor. These motors are built in such a way that they limit the water and chemicals from entering the motor. This prevents corrosion and a build-up of debris.

These motors come in stainless steel and rolled steel.


IEC Metric Motors

IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) motors are specifically designed and manufactured to European standards (NEMA is the North American Counterpart to IEC). One of the main differences between a NEMA motor and an IEC motor is that all IEC measurements will be in ‘mm’, which makes interchanging a NEMA and an IEC motor nearly impossible.

We stock and carry these motors from Brook Crompton, Baldor, Lafert, Leeson, Marathon, Nidec, and Max Motion.


Specialty Motors

There are times when a specific type of motor is required due to the application it is being used. These motors provide additional layers of safety in hazardous environments.

Don’t see your motor type here? Contact us to share more about your motor needs and we will be happy to try and find a solution!

Explosion-Proof Motors

Explosion-proof (XP) motors are designed for use in hazardous environments where there is a risk of flammable or explosive gases, liquids, dust, or fibres.

These motors are encased in a tightly sealed housing to prevent sparks and heat from reaching the volatile environment.

Universal Rewind is one of only a few repair shops in the area that can re-certify these motors.

We carry these motors in several brands – Baldor, WEG, TECO, Leeson, Marathon, and Nidec.

The environment in which your motor is being operated will dictate which Classification of Explosion Proof Motor you will require. Read more here to learn about these classifications.

Two-Speed Motors

These are AC motors that can operate at different speeds by adjusting the voltage and frequency.

They are used in a variety of applications, such as fans, pumps, conveyors, and machine tools, and provide greater flexibility and improved process control.

These motors are more energy-efficient when used on the lower speed setting.

We carry Marathon and Leeson Two-speed Motors.

Brake Motors

Brake Motors comes equipped with an integrated electromagnetic brake that provides fast, reliable braking power.

These motors are often used in cranes, elevators, and conveyors that you would see in Food Processing, Aggregate, and Agriculture operations.

We are proud to carry these motors from Baldor, Leeson, Marathon, and WEG.

IEEE-841 Motors

These Motors are built to meet the highest industry standards for reliability and safety in petrochemical applications.

These motors have lower vibration, greater cooling abilities, sleeve bearings, and a more robust construction, making them suitable for industries where they are placed under higher mechanical stress.

We carry several brands of IEEE-841 motors, including Baldor, Marathon, Brook Crompton, Nidec, TECO, and WEG.

If you can’t see what you are looking for here on this page, or you need advice on which motor will best suit your needs then give us a call at 587-847-2778

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What Brands do we carry?

As a leading repair shop and motor supplier, we are proud to carry only the best brands in the industry. – Baldor, WEG, TECO, Marathon, Nidec, and many others. See all of our brands. Our relationship with these manufacturers helps us keep our inventory up-to-date and allows us to offer competitive pricing. This also ensures that you, the customer, have the brand that you have come to know and trust for your application.

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Cross-Referencing your motor to a different brand

We get it, you are loyal to a certain brand of motor, and it has done what you have asked of it, why change? We offer a wide selection of motors from top manufacturers and if required, can often replace your motor with the same brand. Brand loyalty is not always important, however, and many times we can cross your motor with a few different brands so we can do our best to find the right price point and inventory.

Check out all of our brand partners!

More Than Just Motors

When it comes to electric motors, there are many different types to consider. From induction motors and AC/DC/Pump motors to Explosion Proof, Washdown, Oilwell, and IEC motors, to Brake Motors and Crusher Duty Motors, to IEEE 841 Motors – there are different motors for different applications, and without a knowledgeable partner, you may not end up with the right one.

UNIVERSAL REWIND strives to be a one-stop shop for motors, drives, and pumps. We have diverse partnerships within the industry to provide our customers with solutions.