Frequently asked questions

Can we repair/rewind any motor?

Yes, definitely. However, careful consideration of cost-effectiveness is necessary.

Repair or Replace?

Do you repair household motors? (Drills, Blenders, Hobbyshop Lathe motors)

While we can repair residential motors, our primary focus lies in serving industrial clients. Our business model, including our shop setup, rates, and parts inventory, is designed to meet the needs of industrial repairs. Therefore, while we cannot handle residential repairs, our specialization lies in industrial services.

Can I buy motors from your website?

Although purchases cannot be made through the website, you can reach us via email at, and we’ll provide a quote within an hour.

Do you give warranty?

Yes, we do give a warranty for a year.

Why Do I Need a Professional Confined Space Repair Technician?

To conduct repairs in cramped or risky environments, you must obtain a specialized certification beyond standard health and safety training.