Industries We Serve

Though we work with a variety of industries, there are specific industries that we tend to work with more than others. We are very familiar with these industries and understand their operational challenges. We can work with just about any industry, though we have extensive experience with the following:


The aggregate industry uses electric motors for a variety of applications, including powering crushers, conveyors, and other equipment used in the processing of crushed rock, sand, and gravel. Electric motors are also used to drive fans, pumps, and other equipment used to control dust and other environmental concerns in aggregate operations.

Anyone that works in the aggregate industry knows how harsh the conditions can be for the equipment they use, from Cone Crushers to conveyor motors, this equipment is used and abused more than almost any other industry. 

We regularly stock the more common size HP motors for the Aggregate industry. We also carry several brands that manufacture the larger motors required for heavy-duty equipment, like cone crushers. 


This is really an extension of the Aggregate industry, but specific to Silica Mines. Electric motors are an essential component of this industry. We offer a wide range of motors for different applications in this industry. Generally., they do require Severe Duty motors and lots of them.

From slurry line pumps to wash plant pumps, customers in this industry have little choice but to operate its motors in harsh conditions. We offer maintenance solutions to all of our customers but really encourage it with these customers as their downtime over the winter is a perfect time to make sure everything is running smoothly, ensuring a productive spring and summer.

Electrical Contractors 

Many of our Electrical Contractor customers are working with plant managers and maintenance managers – they are contracting out their services and are responsible for the maintenance of those operations. These are generally great customers for us as they are super knowledgeable about electrical components in production facilities – from food and beverage to agriculture and manufacturing. We are a good fit for these contractors and they get what they need for their customers when they need it.

Food Processing and Production

Food Processing Plant

Food production companies use electric motors in a variety of ways throughout their operations. Some common examples include:

  1. Conveyors: Electric motors are used to power conveyor belts for transporting raw materials and finished products.
  2. Mixers and grinders: Electric motors are used to power the mixing and grinding equipment used to prepare food ingredients such as dough for bread products.
  3. Packaging equipment: Electric motors are used to power the machinery used for packaging food products, such as filling and sealing machines.
  4. Refrigeration and cooling systems: Electric motors are used to power the compressors and fans used in refrigeration and cooling systems to keep food products at the appropriate temperature.
  5. Pumps: Electric motors are used to power pumps used in the food production process, such as for pumping liquids and gases.
  6. Cleaning and sanitation equipment: Electric motors are used to power the equipment used for cleaning and sanitizing the facilities and equipment in food production.
  7. Robotics: Electric motors are used in the food industry for robotics, automation of picking and packing, and sorting.

Overall, electric motors play a critical role in many aspects of food production, helping to power the machinery and equipment that is essential for efficient and effective food production. Typically, washdown motors are required in these facilities as the equipment needs to be sanitized regularly. These motors are IP rated, Ingress Protection, and allow water to be sprayed directly on the motor without contaminating the electrical components of the motor.

There are different ratings, be sure to consult with your Universal Rewind representative to ensure you have the properly rated motor for your application.

Oil & Gas

In order to ensure reliable and consistent power for drilling rigs and their various systems and equipment, electric motors are used in the oil and gas industry. These motors provide the energy required for extracting, processing, storing, and transporting products such as crude oil, petroleum, and natural gas.

The induction motors and synchronous generators used in onshore and offshore drilling operations are what power the draw works and other machinery during the drilling process. Additionally, electric motors drive pumps, fans, and compressors used in the industry.

Electric motors are used in various stages of the oil and gas production process, including:

  1. Drilling: Electric motors are used to power drilling rigs, which are used to drill the holes that are necessary to extract oil and gas from the ground.
  2. Pumping: Electric motors are used to power the pumps used to bring the oil and gas to the surface.
  3. Compression: Electric motors are used to power the compressors used to compress the natural gas for transportation through pipelines.
  4. Refining: Electric motors are used to power the equipment used in the refining process, such as pumps, compressors, and separators.
  5. Transportation: Electric motors are used to power the pumps and compressors used to transport oil and gas through pipelines.
  6. Power Generation: Electric motors are also used to generate power on the oil and gas fields, powering the facilities and equipment that is necessary to extract and process the oil and gas.
  7. Exploration: Electric motors are used to power the equipment used in the exploration process, such as seismic survey equipment.
  8. Manufacturing for Oil Exploration: Electric Motors are used to help manufacture critical components for Artificial Lifts, specifically sucker rods.

Electric motors play a critical role in the oil and gas production process, helping to power the equipment necessary for the efficient extraction, transportation, and processing of these resources. Universal Rewind has extensive experience with all oil and gas and its adjacent industries.


Manufacturing Plant

Manufacturing is a vast sector that transforms raw materials into finished products. This process fuels most industries in one way or another. Industries such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, textiles, and food and beverage are just a few examples.

Electric Motor-powered machines also provide fabrication, cutting, and shaping capabilities. In the oil & gas industry, for instance, they are used to manufacture sucker rods that are used with artificial lifts on various types of pump jacks. Motors are used to power equipment that is used to “harden metal”.

Steel industries count on robust motor systems to create durable metal pieces. Cold rolling, CNC machinery, and assembly lines necessitate motor systems with specific operational rates, risks, and maintenance requirements.