The Universal Rewind Shop

Our shop is equipped with various specialized areas to ensure we can address your motor repairs with the highest of expertise and efficiency. We have a dedicated space for rewinding motors, modifying motors- including a machine shop, as well as a paint booth to ensure your repaired motors leave looking fresh! Our 5 Ton Crane enables us to move large motors safely and efficiently.

We are proud to boast a 40,000sq. foot warehouse/shop on the West End of Edmonton. We stock common motor configurations and because of our strong relationships with our suppliers, most orders are filled within a day or two from these partner warehouses. Having these relationships allows us to use our space for performing motor repairs and modifications. A vast number of our customers are located North of the river, however, because of our reputation more and more of our customers are coming from all over Alberta

The Universal Rewind Shop has a 5T overhead crane, a temperature-controlled burn-out oven, electronic balancing equipment, a machine shop, a dynamic balancer, and a dip tank.

The Yard

We offer local pick-ups and drop-offs for our customers. We have a 1/2-ton, a 1-ton, and 5-ton trucks. Scott, our logistics manager, can be found buzzing around town picking up or dropping off customer motors.

What Should You Look For When Choosing an Electric Motor Repair Shop?

Choose a Shop with Expertise

You should choose a repair shop that has expertise and experience in repairing your type of electric motor and for your industry. They should have a team of qualified technicians who are familiar with different motor brands, models, and applications. They should also have access to the latest diagnostic tools and equipment.

Choose a Shop with Relevant Industry Experience

Experience repairing motors is obvious, but experience with motors that you use in your industry is just as important. They will be able to better determine why your motor may have failed prematurely and advise on how to maintain it properly in the future or suggest what type of motor you SHOULD be using. They will have also dealt with very similar challenges as to what you are experiencing.

Quality of Products & Services

The repair shop should provide high-quality service that meets or exceeds industry standards. They should use genuine replacement parts, and perform repairs that are backed by a warranty. They should also have a good track record of customer satisfaction. Finding a shop that has a long list of repeat customers that you can provide a reference to is a surefire way to know you have selected the best shop for your needs.

Offering quality brands is a huge part of this. Vendor relationships are extremely important as well, if the Motor Shop can’t answer your question, can they go to their vendor rep to find a solution? We think this is a huge part of what makes a partnership, not just a vendor relationship.

Turnaround Time

The repair service should be able to provide reasonable turnaround times, especially if you have urgent repair needs. Every shop is going to have some lead time that they require, especially if they are reputable. You want a shop that is busy, that means they are good, but when you need a repair, you generally cannot wait 3 months. They should have a system for prioritizing repairs based on their severity or urgency.


The repair shop should provide cost-effective solutions that balance repair costs with the value of the motor. They should provide transparent pricing and billing, and avoid hidden fees or unnecessary repairs. They should also provide options. If the cost of a new motor is $5000 and the cost of the repair is $3500, in most cases, they should advise buying a new motor.

Safety and Compliance

The repair shop should prioritize safety and compliance with relevant regulations, such as OSHA. They should have a safety program in place, and provide training for their technicians on safe repair practices.

Bluewater Mobil Lubricants

We are proud to use Mobil Grease from Bluewater Lubricants in Edmonton.

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