Electric Motor Frequently Asked Questions

From basic to advanced, we receive all sorts of questions on a daily basis. If your question isn’t answered here feel free to contact us directly.

How do I find a replacement motor?

If you have the motor there is a very good chance there is a nameplate on that motor. There, you will find the brand and model number as well as other pertinent information. We would normally ask for a picture of the nameplate, a picture of the motor itself, and a picture of how the motor is mounted – does it have feet or is it hanging, essentially? The key pieces of information we ask for are the HP, RPM’s, Frame, Enclosure, and Voltage. These things can all be found on the nameplate.

There can be other details that will help us find a replacement motor for you, but let’s start with the details above.

What does Service Factor mean?

This is a not-so-common question that more people SHOULD ask. We feel so strongly about this that we wrote a blog topic on it! Check it out here.

In short, Service Factor is the ratio of work your motor can perform above the capacity it is rated for. If you have machinery that runs 24/7 you will need a motor/gearbox with a higher Service Factor. If your motor starts and stops multiple times per day you will also need a product with a higher Service Factor. There are lots of factors to…uhh…factor. Give us a call and we’ll help you get sorted.

If you don’t buy the proper motor or gearmotor, gear reducer, you will likely burn through that motor faster than you would have under normal operating conditions or with a higher service factor product.

Do you sell explosion-proof motors?

Yes, we sell TECO, WEG, Baldor, Leeson, Marathon, and Nidec Explosion Proof Motors. We are also a CSA Certified shop for XP Recertifications.  These Motors are suitable for use in Class I and II Division 1 hazardous locations.

Does Universal Rewind fix residential motors?

We do not. Typically, it is not economical to repair residential motors as the cost to replace them is relatively inexpensive. Repairs start at $1200 and the average rewind cost is $4000-$5000.

How does an AC induction motor generate power?

The currents flowing in the rotor are induced by alternating currents flowing in the stator. The resulting electromagnetic effect produces a force (or power) that rotates the motor.

Does Universal Rewind modify new motors?

Yes we do, and a good portion of our business is centered around motor modifications and custom motor requirements. You can find more information about this here.

Do you sell motors suitable for wash plants or food production facilities?

Yes, absolutely. We have washdown motors available from Baldor, Max Motion, Leeson, TECO, Nidec, and Marathon. These are extremely common amongst our Aggregate, Mining, and Food Processing customers.

How do I purchase a motor from Universal Rewind?

To get in touch with your requirements you can call us at @780-451-4781, email us @sales@universalrewind.com, use the contact us button, request a quote button, reach out on Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

What are your business hours?

Our offices are open Monday through Friday, 9am – 5:00pm

What is an AC induction motor?

AC induction motors are the most common form of asynchronous motors. Induction motors are the simplest and most rugged electric motors available. These AC electric motors consist of two electrical assemblies: the wound stator and the rotor assembly.

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