Our Service Process

Diagnosis of the Problem:

  • Initial inspection by technicians to assess motor damage or malfunction.
  • Utilization of diagnostic tools and techniques to identify root causes.
  • Communication with the customer regarding diagnosis and recommendations.

Disassembly of the Motor:

  • Technicians disassemble the motor to access internal components for accurate quoting.
  • Customer review and sharing of repair estimate based on diagnosis.

Repair or Replacement of Damaged Parts:

  • Repair or replacement of identified problematic parts.
  • Potential recommendation for new electric motor or components.

Reassembly of the Motor:

  • Careful reassembly by technicians ensuring proper alignment and lubrication.

Testing of the Motor:

  • Testing to ensure proper motor functionality before returning to service.
  • Quality control tests on performance, vibration, noise, and temperature.

Delivery or Pick-Up Scheduling:

  • Final inspection to confirm proper installation and security of components.
  • Motor delivery to customer with detailed repair report and maintenance recommendations.